Monday, July 4, 2011

"I Thought She Was Dead" Now Acceptable Defense For Rape

(Newser) – A man accused of raping a woman as she lay unconscious on a city sidewalk in broad daylight told cops he thought he was merely molesting a corpse, according to investigators. Witnesses who say they saw Melvin Jackson having sex with the woman flagged down a passing patrol car. When officers stopped Jackson, who was walking down the street with his pants unzipped, he said: "I thought that lady was dead," the Kansas City Star reports. The victim told police that she passed out after feeling dizzy while walking. She does not remember the alleged attack, but says she woke up without her underwear and recalls hearing shouts of "Help her! Get off her!" from witnesses. "I've been a prosecutor for a long time, so you kinda get to the point where not a lot surprises you," said a Jackson County prosecutor. "This is a new one. This is not one that I've seen come through before."

Who does this bitch think she is, Lucille 2? Who gets so dizzy walking around they pass out on a sidewalk? 100% this chick is not from New York. If you ever lived in NY you know to never sleep anywhere. Shit, I barely blink on the subway, those people who sleep on the subway are fucking dumb. You're ask for trouble. You nap your way to Brooklyn on the F and you plan on being robbed or raped.

Does this defense actually hold up? Especially since he probably would of gotten away with it if the people around them weren't yelling for him to stop. If they just let him do his thing everyone could of gone home without causing a scene.

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