Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Abstenance or No Text Books. The College Student's Easy Sophie's Choice

MSNBC- Many college students would go to great lengths to avoid carrying textbooks, with some even willing to give up sex and dating for a year, according to a new survey. Education software company Kno found that students would make surprising sacrifices to get out of lugging around heavy textbooks. In fact, 34 percent would prefer to stay in every Saturday night for a semester and half of the respondents said they would eat boxed macaroni and cheese for a month rather than carry textbooks every day of school for a semester. Even more surprising, one in four college students said they would give up sex for an entire year to not carry around textbooks. About 20 percent said they would give up dating for the same period as well. Also making the list is taking 8 a.m. classes every day (34 percent) and having parents visit every other weekend for a year (28 percent).

So apparently 25% of all college students are nerds. Have you ever seen a chemistry book? I saw some Asian dude walking around with one last semester. He needed a whole different backpack for that shit. You know the Pharmacy genius spends all his time studying anyway, no time to get laid. And if he did, the size of that one book fucks up his back so much he probably can't put any force into the thrusts anyway. Not to mention the rest of the ridiculous class load those pill pushers are taking.

No doubt they're mixed in with the "morning people" to make the third that would rather take 8am classes 5x a week. Sorry bro, I got shit to do at night, like have friends and pound natty lights til I black out. Then sleep in til I'm late for my first class which starts after you're done for the day.

The only thing I completely understand and would agree to is having my parents visit every other weekend. 2 weeks is perfect. Long enough for them to give me money and do my laundry. And I still have a weekend to rage out. And why can't I chill with my parents with a hangover smelling like sex? They know I am in college. Just so long as I don't start doing heavy drugs or snorting bath salts I can do no wrong.

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