Friday, September 2, 2011

Does This Look Like A 61 Year Old College Football Player

Los That Sports- Being a senior in college doesn’t just apply to how many credits you’ve amassed anymore. Faulkner University in Alabama is a small Christian university in the state’s capital of Montgomery with an enrollment of around 3,000 students. The football team participates in the MidSouth conference, and when it takes the field this season it will have a 61 year-old on its roster. Faulkner University officials say that after clearing up a few eligibility concerns, Alan Moore, a former college football player in the 1960s and Vietnam veteran, will take to the field once again this season as the Eagles’ newest team member. Moore was only able to play his freshman year at Jones County Junior College before heading off to Vietnam for 11 months. Watching a football game in 2009 inspired him to purchase footballs, build goal posts in his daughter’s back yard, and practice kicking. Last year Moore was turned away in an attempt to try out for Jones’ team but did end up making the team at Holmes Community College after being referred by the head coach’s aunt. Ironically, he made an appearance for Holmes against Jones County.

Really hanging onto your youth huh? You think this is a good idea? You're playing with kids 40 years younger than you, this isn't kicking footballs in your daughter's back yard. The only thing you have going for you is that you are a kicker and if there is any position on the gridiron for someone who can get half off at the movies because of your senior citizen discount, its place kicker (or punter).

I just can't wait for this guy to get crushed during a kick off or something. I'm just waiting for the Sports Center Not Top 10 when they show this guy trying to stop some 6'2" 225 lb. wide receiver plowing past this guy while he tries to stop him from a run back. Listen, just 'cause old people are able to live their dream sometimes doesn't mean it is a good idea. If you always wanted to live in Florida or learn guitar, go for it. If you want to play football or ride a bull, maybe achieving your dream isn't for you.

Is it just me or does this guy the real life Burt Reynolds from the remake of The Longest Yard? He even looks like him.

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