Friday, September 16, 2011

Madden Is God

I was just playing Madden 12 and I had a fucking revelation. Why do you need to challenge plays? Seriously, computers don't fuck up on their own. The computer knows everything that goes on in the game. God can't fuck up. So there must be some stats that were made up by the people at EA Sports about how bad a ref is at calling the game. Is it a constant percent and it doesn't matter who the ref is or do they have a stat dedicated to how bad a referee is. A "Sucks at his job" stat if you will. That is probably something the other refs make fun of the loser for.
"What's up idiot?"
"I didn't do anything wrong."
"That's not what Madden says. Now go back to doing a shitty job."
 "What an asshole. Just 'cause my "probably owes the mod and is forced to be bias to pay off his debt" meter is higher then Chris Johnson's rating of "Run away from cop" speed level doesn't mean I'm an idiot.".

At least the worst overall ranked player has something he's not the worst at. There isn't just one meter for "Good?". I mean, how many criteria can you add together to get a rating as a referee. Is he good at his job? That is about it. That and maybe something for flipping the coin. And arm size (have you seen Ed Hochuli Jr. lately?)

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